GT Cotton Elastic Bandage with Hook and Loop Closure, 6″ Width – 2 Pack

GT Cotton Elastic Bandage with Hook and Loop Closure, 6″ Width – 2 Pack

6 Inch premium elastic bandage roll with hook and loop self-closure on both ends from GT. Use GT cotton elastic bandage wraps to provide support when even compression is required. Our comfortable elastic bandages are made of latex free material to avoid any allergic reaction. The odor resistant fabric allows for extended use even during high intensity activities. We recommend these wraps as an addition to your household first aid kit medical supplies or for sports and athletic therapy. A convenient hook-and-loop closure keeps the wrap secured in place. No sharp metal hooks or clips required. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, a sports injury, or require compression for daily wear, you can rely on GT elastic bandages to support you. Our bandage wraps are also safe for veternarian use with dogs, cats, and other animals.

These custom fit compression wraps are ideal for prolonged wear and easy-to-use for wrapping an ankle, foot, thigh, knee, wrist, or other muscle or body part. Adjust the wrap to your desired tightness for providing pain relief and stability to a sprain, strain, or to promote circulation and reduce swelling. High quality GT bandages are washable and reusable for multiple wears.

  • 6 Inches Wide
  • 13 – 15 Feet (Stretched)
  • Latex Free
  • Hook and Loop Self-Closure on Both Ends
  • Available in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, and 6 Inch GT Cotton Elastic Bandages

High quality cotton elastic bandage wrap made of odor-resistant latex free material that is washable and reusable
Secured with a strong hook and loop self closure on both ends – no metal clips or pins required!
Add these elastic wraps to your household first aid kit for wounds, injury, sprains, muscle and joint strains, swelling, aches and pains.
Provides support, compression, and promotes circulation for use on athletes, kids, adults, and is also safe for pets and animals
Measures: 6 Inches Wide x 13 to 15 Feet Long (stretched)

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