Prg-108 GQ-4X V4 (GQ-4X4) Programmer + ADP-019 PSOP44 adapter V2

Prg-108 GQ-4X V4 (GQ-4X4) Programmer + ADP-019 PSOP44 adapter V2

This complete package contains:

one GQ-4X programmer with USB cable and installation CD

one ADP-019 V2 PSOP44 adapter

GQ-4X is the top seller model of True USB GQ series Universal Programmer series developed by MCUmall Electronics Inc Canada.

GQ-4X Features :
Neat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; JTAG support; Fast mode SPI support;
Real True USB interface for both data transfer and power supply;
High speed; user-friendly; simplest-to-use;
Support O/S XP32bit 64bit, Vista 32bit,Vista 64bit; Window7 32bit 64bit; Window8
Software update regularly by MCUmall Canada; free life-time software upgrade from MCUmall website;
Allows end users add in their own chips/devices easily to the software
Multi-languages capability (over 14 languages): Arabic,Czech,Dutch,English,Estonian,French,German,Greek,Hungarian,Italian,Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,Turkish
Support chip package: POSOP44, PSOP56, TSOP48,TSOP40,TSOP40,TSOP32,SOIC,PLCC84,PLCC44,PLCC32,FWH+16bit EPROM, AVR
Download latest software, user guide from MCUmall come website

ADP-019 PSOP44 adapter:
Supported devices

28F200, 28F400, 28F800
29F200, 29F400, 29F800
The V2 adapter will work on GQ-4X without A19 jumper wire.

GQ-4X programmer hardware and software are developed/designed by MCUmall Electronics Inc Canada
True USB willem and GQ are the registered trade-marks of GQ/MCUmall USA
This exclusive package is perfect for automative ECU chip tuning
Post-sales/Pre-sales technical support forum from MCUmall Canada website
Free software upgrade life-time & Multi-languages support capability: 14 languages;

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