Heracles: Bastard. Murderer. Hero.

Heracles: Bastard. Murderer. Hero.

On Friday 22nd February 2013, brothers Poseidon and Zeus awoke from a long slumber and argued. It was pithy but furious. Victory was both vital and meaningless. The Storm burst. The Thunder God’s rage collided with the Sea God’s wrath and the earth shuddered. The gales and floods, the lightening and the waves crashed and smashed and laid waste to all before them. The argument was won and forgotten.
In Greece, near Athens, the devastation revealed the ruins of a villa that once belonged to King Iolaus. Men of academia descended and scurried over the ancient stones searching for new histories. They discovered a sealed jar, something that was lost and forgotten for two thousand years. It contained some scrolls, the words written upon them, by Iolaus himself, told the story of how he accompanied Heracles* on all twelve of his legendary labours. Here for the first time is what really happened all those years ago.

*Heracles later became known as Hercules. This is the name the Romans gave him when they adopted his legend for their own.

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