Future Concepts XXI – Private and Commercial Aviation Tech Two

Future Concepts XXI – Private and Commercial Aviation Tech Two

This is the second eBook on general aviation technologies of the future, and fast-moving present. This Kindle eBook is a compilation of articles and essays each one between 250 and 1200 words. There are new innovative concepts, inventions, and aersopace designs mentioned, as well as some futurist discussions. All of which will make you think, and thus, this eBook is well suited to the intellectual mind which is on the go and wishes to stay in the creative air-flow and relative wind. The topics in this volume include:

1.UAV Funding Drives Aviation Engine Technologies Too
2.Pilot Safety and Philosophy
3.How to Write Articles on “Learning How to Fly” to Inspire
4.Perpetual Flying Sphere Postulated
5.How to Start a College Flying Club
6.Robotic Aircraft Washing Equipment
7.Possible Aviation Think Tank Topics
8.Aviator’s Sons Have the Advantage in Aircraft Design
9.2007 Trends in Aviation Tech
10.2007 Trends in UAV Aviation Sector
11.Perfection and Flying – An Abstract Thought
12.Products Liability Insurance – Biggest challenge
13.Most Aircraft Accidents Happen on the Ground
14.Abatement of Contrails and Heat Exhaust
15.Abbreviated Cockpit Simulators
16.Accelerating Airship Speeds
17.Accelerating Moisture Absorption in Aircraft Fuel Cells
18.New Super Sonic Airliner to Be Build in Japan
19.Airline Fuel Costs Driving Efficient Aerospace Innovation
20.Blended Wing Body Airliners by 2017-2025
21. UAV Morphing Strategies
22.Changes in Aviation Industry – Thunder Clouds or Blue Skies
23.Are Aerospace Designers Letting Us Down
24.747 Fire Bomber – Wow
25.Abandoned Aircraft Recycling Strategies
26.Abstracts of Aircraft Accidents
27.Improving Aircraft Performance with Acoustic Waves
28.Animals Intelligent But Don’t Build Aircraft
29.AI Flight Control Systems and Altitude Assignment
30.Acid Rain and Aircraft Corrosion
31.FAA IT Initiatives and Budget Cuts Considered
32.Is FAA Bureaucracy Holding Back Aviation Innovation
33.Methane Pulse Fired Engines for Jet Aircraft/Spacecraft
34.Triple Redundancy and Challenges
35.Cone Shaped Undercarriage Ground Cushion Rotorcraft
36.Combination Control Surfaces on Aircraft Airfoils
37.Aerostats for Use in Heavy Winds
38.Building Better Helicopters
39.BD-10 Personal Fighter Plane Modification Recommendations
40.Advantages of the Airport Bum in Aircraft Design
41.Wind Shear Dangers and Solutions
42.Aircraft Landing Gear Failures – Why So Many?
43.Airframe Corrosion and Aircraft Washing
44.General Aviation Predictions and Trends for 2006
45.Aircraft Design Discussion 16
46.Read this Article if You Believe in UFOs
47.NOAA Gulfstream IV – Technological Wonder
48.Powerless Aircraft – Acoustic Transducer Push Effect
49.Perpetual Motion Blimp Propulsion
50.Aircraft Cowlings and Wings of Transparent Carbon Nano Sheets

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